The Best Office Technology for Architecture Firms

Architecture firms make money by providing clients with a design that the client has a vision of. They are working directly with them to construct or renovate and manage their client’s expectations. Architecture firms are always watching their material costs, focusing on being under budget and ahead of schedule, and continually tracking the progress of projects that they are currently working on.

Altek is able to provide everything you need for your business office technology for Architecture Firms.

Image Systems for Business

From contracts to blue prints and CAD drawings, Altek is able to assist you with ensuring that you are able to print, scan, copy, and fax all the documents you need to for your business. Architecture firms are often printing Blue Prints and CAD drawing which are wide format generally. At Altek, we are able to provide a large range of Wide Format machines from multiple manufacturers to fit any need that the architecture firm may have. We are a full-service vendor of the machines with an average call time of under 4 hours. We understand that your project halts if you can’t print the blue prints you need for that meeting, so we are always here to ensure that you are able to. Our Multifunction machines also provide you with the best solution to be able to print, copy, scan, or fax for any projects and our apps allow you to scan directly to workstations, share files right from your printer, and customize your business office technology.

Business IT Solutions

          Hiring an entire IT department can get expensive quick. With our Managed IT Service, Altek can reduce the cost of bringing an IT employee on board and provide full IT services, monitoring your networks continuously and ensuring that all of your employees, whether on the work site or at the office, are able to connect securely and work from anywhere. Our Managed IT Service provides proactive monitoring, business continuity, security, and responsive support.

Document Management Solution

          The Best Document Management Solution is a complete automation of your workflow and your processes. With Altek’s custom built Document Management Solution, we can ensure that Architects can accurately track the progress of projects, you can have manager approval from the office instantly so that people on the jobsite can keep working. Read more about how going paperless means going with the best document management system you can get for your business.

Altek works with a number of Architecture firms to provide them with the best Business Office Technology. We are able to work alongside your firm to provide you with the best document management system, a top managed network service provider, and the latest in image systems for business.

To learn more about what we can do for you, get in touch with us here.


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