The Best Office Technology for Automotive Dealerships

How Can Altek Help Automotive Dealerships?

An Automotive Dealership’s main goal is profit. The focus for most dealerships is two-fold, both Sales and Service. Both the sales and service process include many steps, and involves other departments like parts and admin, and required documentation, both at the dealerships level and the state and federal level. At Altek, we can help with everything from the initial contact from your BDC to the 200,000 mile service.


One of the first ways we can help dealerships is with their printing. Altek offers all the equipment that you may need in your Dealership. Whether you want every salesperson to have a printer at their desk, or have an MFP networked to all of their work stations, we can do that and with the right equipment. Your Finance Managers may need a higher volume printer in addition to their Dot Matrix, and we help with that. Altek offers everything in office equipment from being able to scan and copy licenses to installing an entire print shop in your dealership to handle all of your marketing.

Managed Print Services

Most dealerships make copies of licenses when a customer first comes in for a test drive or make copies of insurance and registration for initial services. These pages add up, and most dealerships aren’t watching them. Our Managed Print Service allows your dealership to monitor and track where your toner costs are being attributed to and adjust accordingly. If your sales department is using 20 times the paper that your parts department is using, do they really need the same machines? We look at what each page is costing you to print and adjust and reposition your machines accordingly to save you the most money. We also automatically send you toner as you begin to run low. Once you start getting low, we get an alert right away and send you the toner. This eliminates the need to tie up both storage and money on keeping an inventory of toner.

Document Management

One of the best solutions we have is Altek’s Document Management. Electronic Cloud-Based Document Management allows dealerships to store all of their data in a secure cloud network and eliminate the need to file every deal and repair order for seven years in a filing cabinet that complies with SOX. Eliminate the need to have stacks of filing cabinets and go paperless. Lets be honest though, going paperless really isn’t enough for most dealerships. With Altek’s Document Management, you can take advantage of Smart Indexing. Smart Indexing learns your forms and allows you to find any forms with a simple search of whatever criteria you want. Sales no longer has to worry about getting the paperwork to admin with nothing missing, Finance never has to worry about going and pulling a deal for any reason, and service never has to go to sales to find out if a customer has a warranty. With Altek’s Document Management, your Service Manager can have permission to search by customer name, VIN number, or any other fields you may want. They can type in any field and see every page that the customer signed when they purchased the vehicle. Streamlining work flows allows Dealerships to work more efficiently and allows Finance to spin more deals Service to get more work order in a day, and all your departments to work more efficiently.

At Altek, one of the best things we have is experience. Our backgrounds allow us to be able to work with your organization and help you improve. Automotive Dealerships are focused more on profits than ever before, and we can help you by both cutting costs by using your technology right and by increasing profits by streamlining workflows and allowing your employees to be more productive.

If you would like a free consultation or want to talk to one of our Specialists, Contact us directly here.


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