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May 24, 2018- What do felt companies, law firms, mental health facilities, libraries, concrete distributors, schools, townships, and meat manufacturers have in common? 

Today, all of these industries visited Altek Business Systems here in Telford to have lunch and hear a presentation from Ezra Zohar, the Northeast Regional Director of Docuware. Ezra presented what Docuware is and how it can handle workflow automation and then had a Q&A where he walked through how Docuware could help solve some workflow automations for companies.

Justin introducing Ezra Zohar at Altek's Docuware Lunch and Learn for Accounts Payable
Ezra Zohar presenting at Altek Business Systems about Electronic Document Management

Docuware is a Electronic Document Management System (DMS) that is able to help organizations not only go paperless, but to automate workflows and use intelligent indexing to improve workflow. Ezra went over how Docuware could help Accounts Payable departments streamline inbound invoices and explained how creating custom workflows is simple with Altek’s custom install methods and how our Docuware Certified Technicians are able to work with any company or organization.

The biggest take away from today’s presentation was how utilizing the unique program developed by both Docuware and Altek could help organizations grow by over 30% without adding a single employee. By developing custom work flows and automating many of the processes companies are already using, Altek and Docuware are able to increase productivity and profits. 

We are working with Ezra already for our next Docuware Lunch and Learn for our Allentown location, so stay tuned for news and information coming up. 

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