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Imaging Systems and Business Solutions – Printers, copiers, multifunction systems, scanners and fax machines are the tools we use to move documents through business processes.  If you think about it, today’s business processes require the ability to move information seamlessly between paper and digital formats.  Your office equipment forms the infrastructure for moving information.

Altek helps you optimize your printing, copying, faxing and scanning infrastructure.  Not only do we help you get the right equipment at the lowest possible cost of ownership, we also make sure the systems are correctly integrated with your computer networks and software applications.

Office Systems

The key to a productive office is having the right equipment in the right location.  We help you select the correct printers, multifunction systems, scanners and fax machines for your operation. 


Production Printing

Central reprographics departments and print-for-pay operations need productive equipment with outstanding image quality and workflow integration.  We help you select the right production equipment for your location and back it with fast local service. 


Managed Print Services

Your existing fleet of laser printers can be managed to reduce costs and extend the life cycle of the devices.  We can manage your entire printer fleet, removing the hassle of printer support from your I.T. department while reducing your costs. 

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You can take advantage of a full porfolio of office equipment from leading technology innovators like Kyocera, Xerox, HP and Oki.  From desktop devices to workgroup systems and production printing equipment we deliver the systems you need to maximize your productivity.  Click on the logos below to see our full portfolio of systems.      

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Your office depends on the smooth flow of information.  Printers, copiers, multifunction systems, scanners and fax machines all play an important part in this process.  Altek helps you deploy the right imaging systems and business solutions to maximize productivity while minimizing expenses.

The Right Business Systems

Each location in your business has specific needs.  Our printers and multifunction systems come in a variety of sizes and configurations.  We can help you choose the right systems for each location.



Connected To Your Network

You need to ensure that your systems are correctly connected to your network for printing and scanning.  Our team of certified network professionals ensures your systems are properly connected to your network and company address books.



With Maximum Security

Many companies overlook security when it comes to printing and copying.  We can help you make sure the systems are installed with encrypted hard drives and user authentication so that you protect your confidential information.



Integrated With Your Processes

The real power of technology comes when it is integrated.  You can look to Altek to fully integrate scanning features with your existing software and document management applications.  We can also customize your control panels to work with your business processes.

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Your print shop, central repographics department (CRD) or print-for-pay facility needs high quality output, maximum productivity and dependability.  Most of all, you need a partner who can respond quickly when there is a problem.  Altek brings you all of the above.  You get the quality and versatility of Xerox production equipment combined with a local service team that delivers responsive support.

The Latest Xerox Imaging Technology

With Altek as your partner you get access to leading production printing systems from Xerox.  From full color digital production systems to high-speed monochrome devices you will benefit from the latest innovations in production printing and finishing.


Integrated With Your Workflow

In addition to the latest Xerox systems you can look to Altek’s team of network professionals to integrate your systems and RIP units into your workflow.  You get to the latest software solutions to streamline your processes, maximizing your productivity.


Backed by Responsive Support

You need a partner who can respond quickly to support issues.  Altek has a team of local service technicians who are trained and ready to respond to your needs.  Instead of calling an 800 number your local call will be answered by our service department giving you access to the support you need.

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Most companies have no idea what they are spending on laser printing.  It’s no wonder since printer costs are often buried deep in different budget lines:  office supplies, I.T. support and capital expense.  According to the the Photizo Group, actively managing your printer fleet can yield cost savings of 30 percent or more.

Altek can help you manage your print environment.  Our Managed Print Service program brings your existing laser printer fleet the same service you get on your copiers and multifunction systems.  You also get our commitment to work to continually improve your environment.

Identify Your Costs

The first step is to identify the current cost of printing.  Most companies are suprised to learn what they are spending on printers, printer supplies and maintenance.  We use non-invasive software to gather data and create a real-world picture of your current print costs.  This software also provides reporting on all of your current printer assets.


Manage Your Printers

The next step is to manage your environment.  Similar to our service agreements on copiers/multifunction systems, we can provide service, supplies and support to your fleet of printers for one low cost per page.  Instead of distracting your I.T. department with printer support calls, your users simply call Altek–the same company they already call for copier service.  Plus you get one invoice that gives a clear picture of your true printing cost.


Optimize Your Infrastructure

Over time we will recognize ways to further reduce costs and improve productivity.  In some cases, it may make sense to redeploy high-volume printers with a lower cost of operation to high-usage areas.  Redundant devices may be combined into multifunction systems.  Manual paper processes could be automated with Document Management and Workflow technologies.  We’ll work with you to continually optimize your printing environement.

Why not see how much you could save.  To learn more about how you could cut costs and improve productivity with Managed Print Services from Altek, contact us today.

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