Integrated Technology Plan

Integrated Technology Plan
The best Integrated Technology Plans not only address your current needs, but address your needs steps ahead of them happening. See Altek's Process below and request a free assessment.

A strategic technology plan is made up of 7 main components. To create an effective Technology Plan, Altek sits down with your organization and works on each one to create a complete technology plan. We then work with you on implementing the Technology Plan in a way that makes best use of your organization’s resources.

  • Mission/Vision Statement- Your Organization's Vision/Mission Statement should describe what your organization's overall purpose is or what your organization works toward. Starting with this and making sure this is a focus throughout your Technology Plan is crucial.
  • Needs Assessment- Altek will systematically explore the way things are currently for your organization and compare them to the way you want things to be. Altek focuses on what your current needs are and matches them with what your needs will be for the future.
  • Technology Initiative Descriptions and Goals- In order for your organization's technology to be effective, it must be directly related to your leadership, visions, and developmental goals. Altek works with you to create Technology Goals that fit all of these.
  • Objectives- The only way to determine if your Integrated Technology Plan is effective is to have measurable and observable goals. Altek works with you to create your own Objectives while also tracking and reporting our own results and sharing them with you to make sure we are helping your organization as best we can.
  • Hardware, Software, and Facility Requirements- Only by having the proper equipment can your staff develop and reach the organizational goals you set. Effective Technology Plans from Altek focus on both the technology and the applications. Providing both the hardware and the software allows your organization to use a variety of technological applications.
  • Instructional Support and Assistance- Having your plan in place and the technology to reach your goals is one thing, but not being able to effectively use that technology halts any progress. Our Managed IT allows for the necessary support and development so that your organization's staff can effectively use the technology every day and continue to work at the highest quality possible.
  • Budgeting and Rational Evaluation Methods- Your Integrated Technology Plan is not a one and done solution with Altek. We work with you the create a strategic plan that lays out the best method to integrate the plan over time. Most organizations look to integrate their Technology Plan over time and working with Altek allows you to use our tools of evaluation and data collection to determine the best next step for you.

Every organization has different goals. Altek works with over 40 industries and use our vast business technology experience to help you formulate the best course of action for your organization. If you are at the beginning of your Integrated Technology Plan, or half way through and don’t know where to go from here, Altek is able to help.

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