Managed Print Service

Managed Print Service
Do you have time to monitor every page from every printer? Managed Print Services does just that and it can add up in savings for you.

Running a business is a challenge. While you’re focused on the most pressing goals, it’s easy for other priorities to slip through the cracks. For most, printing supplies is one that is never a major priority. At least until it is a problem.

With Altek Business Systems’ Managed Print Service, it doesn’t have to be that way. We make sure you have the supplies you need, the printers you need, and that it is all done when you need them and within your budget. 

Studies have shown that one office worker can cost their employer over $10,000 in printing costs... each year.

Most companies don’t stop to consider the high price of their printing practice, but it is a massive overhead and it often goes completely unnoticed until it is too late. 

Independent studies by groups like Photizo have shown that managing your printer fleet can yield cost savings of 30% or more. Altek can help manage your print environment and bring your existing fleet the same service you get on your copiers and multifunction systems. You also get our commitment to work to continually improve your environment. 

If you are looking for a quick way to reduce your office spending, Altek can help with Managed Print. 

Managed Printer Fleet

Similar to our service agreements on copiers/multifunction systems, we can provide service, supplies, and support to your fleet of printers for one low cost per page. Instead of distracting your I.T. department with printer support calls, your users simply call Altek. You receive one invoice that gives you a clear picture of your true printing costs.

Entrust Altek with Your Managed Print Service Needs

Your organization can receive the printing supplies it needs, when it needs them, and without delay or unnecessary overhead. With Altek, you just concentrate on what makes your business great, and we will focus on what you need to do it.