Accounting Firms

Accounting Firms

Accounting firms are always looking at the numbers, so when they look at their office technology it makes sense to look at the numbers there too. When Altek sits down with Accounting Firms, we start there and ensure that we provide the best solutions and technology for the specific firm, creating a custom technology plan that ensures the best likelihood for a strong, successful partnership.

With any accounting firm we talk to, we always start with security. Keeping a firm's customer information private is what keeps them in business. A major data breach is something that most accounting firms wouldn't be able to survive. With assistance from our Managed IT solutions, top level security Electronic Document Systems, and properly connected and secure devices, you can worry less about someone getting into your files that you don't want.

Once security is taken care of, most accounting firms look for accuracy and consistency. With our Electronic Document Management system, you can increase your accuracy for your bookkeeping, removing a lot of the risk of human error, and focus on ensuring that your workflows and procedures are streamlined and as consistent as possible.

Finally, once security, accuracy, and consistency are taken care of, we begin looking at actual technology hardware. With the newest technology, we ensure that you can print, scan, copy, and fax with ease. On top of that, we use the newest apps on our machines to help customize your workload. With apps that will help you sign tax returns with one button right on the machine, to ones that will allow you to track billable prints per customer, we can find a solution that is custom for each Accounting Firm.

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