Churches and Religious Organizations

At Altek Business Systems, we take pride in working with Churches and Religious Organizations of all shapes and sizes. We know that it is an exceedingly demanding climate in which to continue to provide your programs and services, no matter what segment of the population you are trying to serve. We understand that you are expected to do more with less and that’s what we are able to do for so many Churches and Religious Organizations.

We offer a broad range of affordable products and services that will help you face the sustainability challenges that every Church and Religious Organization face. We work with our current Churches to help drive donations, reduce the cost of printing bulletins, manage their downloaded music, and archive congregation, donations, and sacramental records.  Our team also has experience optimizing Breeze, Realm, Servant Keeper, Aplos, Seraphim, IconCMO, Church Community Builder,, Elexio, and Touchpoint. Altek can provide creative solutions for your church and religious organization’s most pressing management challenges.

Office Equipment

While we understand that controlling costs under a strict budget is part of running a successful church or religious organization, the cheapest equipment available will not always be the most efficient option. In fact, “cheapest” sometimes equals “unsupported”, “weak”, or “insecure”. If you elect to save money by not regularly servicing, upgrading, or securing your office equipment, you are doing a detrimental disservice to your church or religious organization. Often, in the long run, “cheapest” means “more expensive”.

Without investing in your technology’s future, if your inefficient equipment breaks, acquires a virus, becomes hacked, or shuts down, your entire network is at risk. Let our team devise the most cost-effective and efficient way to handle your organization’s equipment purchasing and management.

Print Management

Even if your conservative organization, it’s easy to pile up the printed pages. Optimizing the printing process is a great way to cut waste, trim costs, and improve internal workflows. Let our experts analyze your current print practices and provide suggested solutions to minimize your print problems. Over time, we help optimize your infrastructure, reduce print costs, improve productivity, and continually optimize your printing environment.

Network Management

Having your servers and computers monitored 24 hours a day allows your organization to focus on building instead of reacting. If our report comes back with a hard drive close to failing, we replace it and transfer all the information over before it fails to keep your organization running. Most large security risks come from servers and computers that are not monitored or updated with the latest software and anti-virus updates. Having just one computer vulnerable could be the gateway to a disastrous online attack. We keep your servers and computers updated and able to remotely resolve most issues.


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