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Time is Money. No one understands that better than those in the legal fees.

At Altek Business Systems, we understand that effective, flexible technology is essential to maximizing time management, getting the most out of your earning potential, and increasing billable hours for your law firm. We work with current law firms to increase billable hours and allowing them more time to take on more clients/cases by improving the digital communication with the courts, bettering collaborative efforts with clients and opposing counsels, and creating a more effective way to distribute and access documents. Our software fully integrates with most law office software, like AbasucLaw, Firm Central, Clio, PracticePanther Legal, CosmoLex, HoudiniEsq, MerusCase, Jarvis Legal, App4Legal, and MyCase. Altek can provide creative solutions for your Law Firm’s most pressing technology challenges.


Document Solutions

Document Management, like DocuWare®, helps eliminate the possibility of lost or misplaced files by storing all your documents in searchable digital file cabinets, all within a centralized location. Employees with the right privileges can immediately access information anytime, anywhere, and with any digital device. DocuWare® also provides a secure document management system that tracks each document across your organization, and files everything in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley Act, HIPAA, and HITECH.

Here are some of the ways that Docuware can benefit your law practice:

  • Scan and import documents into a highly organized, easily accessible (with the right access) virtual filing cabinet.
  • Simplify and automate workflows for all documents and approval processes so you know who is working on critical documents and where the documents are going next.
  • Export, correct, redact, and delete personal data to help conform to new standards
  • Recall all files retaining to names, case numbers, or bate stamping in one quick and easy search.
  • Recall and edit Interrogatories and convert from PDF to PDF-A quickly and easily

Managed IT Services: The Proactive Way

You need to be focused on your work, not concerned about your technology you are using or how your IT Department is doing. By partnering with Altek Business Systems for Managed IT Services, you can fully outsource your IT and never have to worry about keeping your systems updated, safeguarding against potential cyber threats, or experiencing a prolonged system failure, especially during “off hours”.

Already have an IT team in the law firm? Allow us to work with your IT to provide additional support for system updates, upgrades, and regular maintenance to allow your IT department to be proactive instead of reactive.

By working with Altek, you have a flexible proactive approach to IT with our managed IT services that monitor your network 24/7. Our experienced staff supports your team, identities and diagnoses potential issues before they happen, and keeps you updated to avoid threats that could affect your law firm.

Managed Print Services

Most companies have no idea what they are spending on laser printing. It isn’t much of a surprise since those budgets are often in different lines like office supplies, IT support and capital expense.

Managed Print Services allows you to identify the current cost of each page that you print. Most companies are surprised to learn what they are spending on printers, supplies, and maintenance. We work with your current fleet to optimize your printing environment. Reviewing your printing habits, we optimize your infrastructure to redeploy high volume printers with lower cost of operation to high-usage areas, reduce redundant devices, and create manual paper processes to increase workflow technology and decrease total printing costs.



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