When it comes to marketing, image is everything. Which is convenient, because when it comes to printing, image quality is everything. With Altek, you can guarantee you are getting the best image quality possible. Our full line of machines from Kyocera and Xerox start with black and white machines that can print over 130 pages a minute and move up to production quality machines that can print marketing material for any of your clients.

Bringing your printing in house allows you to customize, print, and develop even more marketing pieces for your customer. With the Versant line from Xerox, you can expect the highest quality print from a trusted company like Xerox, and still get the fast and simple service from Altek, with an average response time of less than 4 hours when something goes wrong.

As your company grows, Electronic Management and Information Technology Management are two more ways you can ensure that you are streamlining and ensuring that your customers are getting the best from you. Electronic Management allows you to easily create workflows to ensure that everyone is getting the correct forms and projects to complete and with IT Management, you can make sure that there is never downtime when someone's project is getting close to the deadline.

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