Mortgage Company

Mortgage Company

When Altek has sat down with a Mortgage Company, we quickly find out that our Office Technology Solutions are able to aid them in nearly every aspect of their business. When we start building a custom technology solution, we are able to cut down the time it takes to close a loan, decrease their application process time, increase the ability to store documents through electronic storage, and create a more efficient workplace overall.

One of the first things we look at with Mortage Companies is their filing systems. Most Mortgage companies are using antiquated filing systems that, at this point, create more work than they save. Building a custom Electronic Document Management System for them allows us to develop their workflows and processes into a streamlined system that they are able to effectively use. Being able to pull up records, store files securely and electronically on the cloud, and being able to create a system of approvals allows Mortgage Companies to save time versus their old filing system.

We find that many Mortgage Companies already have a focus on new technology, which is why the new Electronic Document Management System is so popular. Another focus for these companies is Information Technology. With sensitive information coming and going all the time, Mortgage officers need to ensure that their devices are secure and always available to use, and most of them are working remotely on top of that. While many companies have a company that they are outsourcing to, many also have a single person that handles everything. With Altek, you can ensure that you will always have IT Support available. Our Managed IT services will compete with any standalone IT solution, providing even more services, or work alongside your current IT staff to help do the day to day maintenance and allow your staff to focus on building up the department.

Finally, hardware technology is always our last focus when it comes to Mortgage Companies. Nearly all of these organizations are still paper focused and with our new technology, we can make that even easier. Our machines are able to be customized to allow apps to be used that are custom tailored to your industry. When it's time to sign the mortgage, load the mortgage electronically prior, go over it with the customer, and then have them sign once on the touch screen of the machine and every signature line will automatically print with their signature ready to go. This alone has allowed mortgage companies to increase the amount of closings they could do in a day, thus allowing them to increase their business, especially during those last days of the month.

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