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Every organization will have different needs

and will therefore require different features and support within their business. For instance, a manufacturing company may need an offsite back-up server built to protect them in case of a primary server crash. While critical to the continuity of this manufacturing company, this feature may not fit with a non-profit church which can backup their data on the cloud. Regardless of an organization’s needs, Altek is able to create a custom support strategy for every organization that is both responsive and tailored to fit their plans best.

What is Responsive Technology Support?

Responsive Technology Support allows an organization to tailor how they are supported by their Managed IT program. Altek works to create the best IT network and communication process with each organization they work with. With success working with over 40 different major industries, Altek has the experience and infrastructure to ensure that your network, computer hardware & peripherals are all monitored and the backbones of your organization are supported through virtual networks and cloud based software.

Responsive Technology Support allows us to limit the need for support in the first place. By performing preventive support and maintenance, we are able to eliminate many issues before they arise. There are still the issues that will need someone’s attention right away though, and that is where our fully trained professional IT staff come in.

With direct call in ticket support, you are able to email or call in a ticket to Altek’s IT support staff. Our support staff is able to solve most issues through Remote Access, eliminating the need for waiting for someone to arrive at your organization to fix the problem. 

Fast, Friendly Help

At Altek, we pride ourselves on our customer service. All members of our friendly support team are product experts, and they’re in frequent communication with our Manufacturing Partners as well. You can email us at and will usually receive a reply within minutes. If your question is not resolved through email we can also schedule a call with you. 

Stay On Track

We know you’re busy and don’t have time to put tasks on hold just because you are waiting on answers from your IT provider. Our support team is available so you can stay on schedule and complete tasks on your timetable. 

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Altek is able to custom build a Managed IT service for your organization that lets you focus on working over getting your technology to work.
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